DUI Level 2-12 hour

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DUI 12-hour Level 2

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  Easy and Fast…. We designed our program to get you through your requirements fast and efficiently, keeping you engaged with videos, images and interactivity while staying within mandated guidelines. Complete on a smart phone, tablet or computer.


 Affordable PricingWe have NO HIDDEN FEES…the price you see is all you will pay with no add-ons like with others – you even receive your certificate delivered FREE and IMMEDIATELY.


Guaranteed to PassNo one can fail this course! Unlimited free retakes of final exam- but no worries 99% pass their first try with a minimum 70% or higher score. Final exam questions are taken directly from end of section quiz questions.


24/7 Access… This program is designed to be self-paced and completed within 15 weeks. Course material can be logged in and out, any time of day or night….take it on YOUR SCHEDULE.


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It is your responsibility to determine whether our program and classes meet your requirements and we advise that you check with your court monitor, or other legal organization.

For individuals charged with a first offense DWI/DUI, this Level 2 DUI course is also known as Wet Reckless  or Careless. This course may be taken before your are sentenced as a proactive approach to learning.

Once you click on ADD TO ORDER, scroll down to the end of the page to enter your credit card information.

Upon completion of your order, your registration link is automatically sent to your email. Sometimes your email carrier will filter unknown email to “spam” or “trash” folder, please look there if you do not see it in your “inbox”.

Please do not purchase this course twice, if you have any issues, please contact us and we will be happy to help (775) 228-6269


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Our flat rate of $185.00 includes everything you need with absolutely no hidden fees.

Download your free Certificate immediately upon successful completion to print, fax or email to the court. Guaranteed to pass! Not only can you retake the final exam unlimited times at no extra charge ……but if you get an answer wrong, just review your quizzes and final exam test- you will immediately see any incorrect answer …. and what the correct answer should be!

It is your responsibility to determine whether our program and classes meets your requirements and we advise that you check with your court monitor, legal organization, employer or other organization.

ABC Drive Safe’s Level 2 DUI  “Wet Reckless” | Careless course is 100% online.  Take it in the convenience of your home or anywhere there is WIFI.   No need to go to a classroom to take your Final Exam.  Online courses are non-refundable, however, if you discover you purchased the wrong course, you may contact us within 48 hours if you would like to apply your credit to one of our other courses or programs.

Take this DUI course online at your own pace, 24/7:

The most convenient part of taking your court mandated DUI course online is that it fits YOUR schedule.

Log in and out as often as you like and your place will be kept so you can continue right where you left off.  Take it for 20 minutes, two hours or complete it in one sitting,  Any time you want to return to your course, just come to this website and click on the student login button  The course time is tracked automatically per DMV requirements.


Take this course on your Computer, Tablet or Smartphone. . ABC Drive Safe is  DMV licensed  and court approved for first  or second offender Level 2 Drug/Alcohol class, also known as Wet Reckless offense.  This course is designed to be used on all Android and iOS devices.

EASY COURSE ACCOUNT CREATION- Don’t have all your court information handy?

No problem…..After payment, you will be redirected to your profile/registration page.  You may still register and begin your course by filling in all fields. Just put in “will provide” or fill in an approximate court ordered completion date to temporarily by-pass this step.  We will remind you in the last section of the course to go back to your registration tab and complete any missing information.    The information you enter is automatically inserted into your certificate of completion for the courts to find your record.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Customer support is a phone call away. Call or Text. You will not be sent to a call center in another country, Live Local support is available 7 days a week: (775) 338-6269.



A.  Purchase your course

B.   Your registration form opens to enter your court information. (you can also find the registration link in your e-mail.)

C.  Start your class- EASY and FAST!

Upon completion of your course you can IMMEDIATELY print or download your Certificate(s) to deliver to your court, employer or other agency.  Don’t have a printer?  FAX it FREE!


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